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About Deluxe Air

A large proportion of people regularly come into contact with air fresheners in a wide variety of shapes and scents in their everyday life and appreciate their effects. These have become a standard item in many vehicles around the globe.

With our diverse range of different flavors and cutting shapes, we address all target groups and thereby revolutionize this previously monotonous market. With the brand “DeluxeAir”, MAGO Swiss AG has specialized in the production of personalized air fresheners in numerous, different cutting shapes and offers you the opportunity to create your own fragrance exclusively according to your personal olfactory sensation. If you would like to have your own air freshener designed, visit our webshop

Our products are produced exclusively in Switzerland (Swiss Made) in the form of digital printing, which means that they meet the highest quality standards. These are particularly characterized by the long-lasting intensity of the fragrance effect. Our cutting dies are divided into groups of different motifs, these consist of - horoscopes, national flags, annual motifs and sport / business.

Our brand ambassadors


"This air freshener, unique and unbeatable like my team!"

The footballer is a proud user of high quality Deluxe Air products.


He tested it too!

Like the majority of our customers, Arsenal players are enthusiastic about our Deluxe Air products.


"You will remember this perfume."

The sense of smell is most directly related to your memory. The national team trusts us!

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